Double Deep Pallet Racking provides a great combination of selective and non-selective pallet racking solutions.  The extra depth of these systems adds storage space while maintaining accessibility.

This type of system uses special forklifts, which operate a pantograph system to access the deeper levels of storage. Pantograph systems are also very useful for load management and other roles.

double deep pallet racking
Double Deep Rack1

Added Capacity Using Two-Deep Pallets

  • The double deep systems use two pallets deep for a single entry, or four pallets deep for double entry access.
  • Double deep racking adds useful storage density with a reduced need for aisles and additional storage options. Double deep storage also reduces the aisle to rack ratio.
  • Truck lift heights are based on load capacity, which is approximately 9 metres. This is a good space to storage option for high bulk/high turnover storage environments.
  • Many double deep storage systems use front to back guide rails to help operators to access loads at a height. This type of design must have ground clearance for reach trucks.


  • Storage density increased is higher than selective racking
  • Double deep pallet racking ensures safe and secure handling with pallets off ground level
  • Double deep handling equipment also offers advantages for other roles
  • Best used for multi-pallet SKU environments


  • These systems provide additional headroom
  • Double deep pallet racking is highly efficient in many environments, particularly high bulk handling environments
  • Low cost, high-cost efficiency racking system
  • Average 40% increase in capacity relative to available space
Average of locations used - efficiency:   90%
Immediate access to stored product: 50%
Stock Rotation: Average
Floor Utilisation: 60%



Ask Storage Ideas for Double Deep Pallet Racking Solutions

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