Selective pallet racking is a commonly used storage system.

Selective Rack

selective pallet racking

This type of storage offers easy handling and very simple management. It's a good all-around solution for multiple products and goods and can include high capacity storage for bulk goods.

Selective pallet racking systems are also highly efficient. This type of storage system allows for immediate access to storage pallets, with minimal handling time.

These systems are designed for fast, round the clock storage and goods handling, particularly for high turnover goods in many different industries.

High-Value Storage with Versatile Capabilities

Selective pallet racks are ideal for forklifts, high reach trucks and even manual handling needs. They are the simplest and cheapest racking storage solution, perfect when space management, flexibility, and fast access are required.

Selective pallet racks are easily adjustable and can deliver excellent solutions for businesses that store and stack a wide range of goods and sizes.


  • Significantly better headroom
  • All pallets are instantly accessible
  • Good for stock rotation
  • Easy configuration for any type of goods in storage
  • Highly effective for stock picking needs
  • Excellent operational values

Economic Value:

Average of locations used - efficiency:   90%
Immediate access to stored product: 100%
Stock Rotation:
Floor Utilisation: 30%


Colby Selective Pallet Racking from Storage Ideas

Storage Ideas offers Colby Selective Pallet Racking as a preferred storage solution. Colby selective pallet racking is Australian made and designed, with excellent operational performance and tough, durable long life construction.

The Colby range of selective pallet racking includes:

  • A full spectrum of racking beam sections
  • Racking end protection, which delivers better workplace safety
  • Strongly braced frames for high load capacity
  • Mesh decks or particle boards shelving solutions
  • Front and rear upright protectors to ensure safety from impacts and load handling movements

Ask Storage Ideas about Selective Pallet Racking

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