A-frame racks are an innovative option for the vertical storage of light-weight long length materials (like timber dowels, aluminium or plastic extrusions) in an economical and space efficient manner. The advantage of storing long and light weight products in an upright manner is the ease of product selection and use of vertical height.

A-frame racks are custom built to suit the individual sizes and weight loads of products and are available as both single sided and double sided options.

With a wide range of applications, sizes and configurations, A-frame racks are ideal for easy merchandising and identification.


a frame racking schema    A Frame Rack   

A Frame Racks – Versatile, Practical, and Cost-Efficient

A-frame racks are very popular storage solutions in busy environments where fast access is valued. This type of rack is highly efficient for storage, ensuring support and access for a very wide range of products, including lengthy products and high turnover goods, which move quickly.  The very easy accessibility and versatility of A-frames make them ideal for just about any workplace, warehouse, industrial environment, or distribution centre.

A-frame racks are also good organisational options as standalone or multi-option storage. A-frames are high strength, durable storage. They’re able to take significant weights while maintaining scalability for a very wide range of environments. 


Design for A-Frame Racks

A-frame racks are typically used in conjunction with other storage solutions in modern storage systems. Depending on your onsite needs, A-frames can be used in a very broad range of roles, for many different types of goods. If you’re looking at better storage options and/or new storage, consider A-frames as an excellent all-around option.


Ask Us about A-Frame Storage Systems

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