Long and heavy items such as steel or timber pose a different storage problem to conventional pallets.  Used in conjunction with specialised handling machines capable of lifting and placing wide loads, Cantilever Rack provides strong, reliable and space effective storage.

  • The use of cantilever rack permits the quickest possible placement, storage and removal of varying lengths of product.
  • The extreme heights permitted by cantilever racks save valuable floor space and utilize the building cube to the utmost.
  • Cantilever racks have no posts or columns along the aisle like conventional storage racks, so a 25% increase in capacity may be realised.
  • As cantilever racking has no front uprights to impede access it is particularly suited to accommodate extra long items that cannot be palletised.
  • A galvanised option makes it perfect for outdoor applications.
  • Access with handling equipment is cheaper, faster and enables receipt/despatch areas to be free for other operations.
  • Side loaders, 4-directional fork lift trucks and stacker cranes require very little aisle space.

Cantilever is ideal for extra heavy and extra long items and can be used in a variety of industries, aluminium fabricators, steel and timber merchants, plumbing and hardware suppliers, furniture wholesalers and garden suppliers.

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