Live storage racks are typically used for managing bulk selection goods as and when needed.  Racks may include cartons and other types of containers, depending on the onsite needs of operators. 

Carton Live Storage

Condensing the pick face and rotating your stock

Carton Live Storage (CLS) systems are far superior to static shelving in terms of picking productivity and the more efficient configuration of the picking face. The more dense pick face and reduced distances for pickers add up to a significant productivity outcome. Carton storage uses inclined tracks with rollers. Cartons instantly move to replace removed cartons.

  carton live schemacarton live


This is a simple, but very effective feeder system, which is easy to keep in stock with minimal handling. Colby Carton Live Storage is typically used for high turnover goods. Many systems are combined with Colby Conveyors to improve handling efficiency and speed up handling times. Colby Carton Live Storage can also use ColbyRACK frames with pallet storage above or below, or as a rack-supported Colby Raised Flooring system.



  • Suitable for any type of carton handling
  • Easily adjusted for carton sizes
  • Automatic stock rotation
  • Simpler, easier stock selection and handling


Pallet Live Storage

Colby Palletflo is a good example of the versatility of Live Storage pallet styles, and the excellent handling of this system for many load weights and load sizes.

pallet live   pallet live schema

The patented Colby Palletflo wheel uses the energy from moving pallets, allowing gravity to deliver consistent, safe speeds and come to a safe stop even in cases of significant load weights.


  • Good for high volume and density handling
  • Efficient, low-cost stock rotation
  • Simple first in/first out operation
  • Fast, easy access
  • Less forklift time used in stock handling
  • Ideal for products where expiry dates compliance is required.


Ask Us about Live Storage Systems

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