At Storage Ideas, we want to help make all Australian workplaces a safer place for all workers and managers. That’s why we stock an extensive range of risk reduction products to keep your workplace safe and OHS compliant. 

Our protection and safety products are designed to reduce risks to staff, protect your products from damage and increase the lifespan of your storage systems. Read on to find out more about our products and how they can facilitate safe operational practices and protect your systems from damage. 

Improve Safety and Reduce Damage with Colby Protect-A-RACK

It is impossible to avoid all human error and even your most skilled forklift operators will accidentally collide with racking at some point. Such impact damage weakens racking structures and will compromise their load carrying capacity over time, especially if struck more than once. This can endanger both your property and the safety of your workers. 

Proven Performance

Colby’s Protect-a-RACK system uses heavy-duty steel to create bracing for racks that will greatly minimise damage from collisions or other impacts. This product has proved itself in very heavy-duty, high throughput settings – dramatically reducing damage, even over multiple collisions. 

Suitable for All Operations

With a range of shapes, sizes and configurations, this protection and safety product will suit any operation and you will quickly see a return on your investment as rates of damaged stock, failing racks, and other costs plummet. So whatever type of warehousing, distribution, factory, or other business you run, protect your staff and your capital assets with Colby Protect-a-RACK.

Unique System Outperforms Rivals

There’s a reason this risk-reduction product outperforms traditional steel and plastic rack-protection systems. The Protect-a-RACK features a unique, innovative and streamlined design that fits diverse racking systems easily. It is manufactured from quality, heavy-duty steel for extra strength and is simple, easy and cost-effective to install, reducing upfront costs.
"The Colby Protect-a-RACK’s have done their job superbly. Over the past 12 months, we have experienced minimal rack damage and enjoyed a safer workplace thanks to them and Colby Storage Solutions' smart warehouse layout" – Terry Wicks, Distribution Centre Manager, Westgate Logistics

Front Beam for Heavy Impacts

Every collision is different and causes different degrees of damage. Frontal impacts are rare but they can cause huge damage, even with a protection system in place. That’s why we stock Colby’s specially developed heavy-duty front beam. This protection and safety product features a rib in the centre for extra strength, reducing damage even in the case of very heavy, direct impacts.

RackMAN Certified Products

Designed by some of the world’s leading structural engineers, RackMAN is a proprietary software tool that helps ensure risk reduction products will meet the required safety standards. All of our protection and safety products are RackMAN certified, giving you peace of mind in knowing they can protect your staff and your operation.

Safety Signs

All new rack installations of our products include safety signage detailing safe operating loads. 

Audits and Safety Inspections

Safety is a top priority for us here at Storage Ideas, and we can help you make it a top priority too. We can make expert recommendations for repairing damage and getting your operation back up to standard. 
Get in touch today and ask about our regular OHS ‘health’ inspections, in which we audit and inspect your systems.