Colby Long Span 11a



We stock the Colby range of steel static shelving that is ideal for creating maximum space while remaining a cost-effective storage system for lighter items in your operation. By maintaining the efficiency of space, Rolled Edge Type (RET) shelving is the most commonly used form of shelving for light to medium duty products in warehouses. This type of Shelving is also popular for medical storage and office filing.

Our long span shelving offers ideal, general-purpose, storage solutions for items such as boxes, cartons, totes, archive files and much more. These shelves can stand alone or easily integrate with other options, such as static shelving, heavy-duty shelving or mobile shelving. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards, our range of long span shelving is a versatile option for any and all light-duty applications in your warehouse, workshop, or other business.

Features of Our Long Span Shelving

● Secure and safe storage with uprights and strong section design
● Full compliance with Australian design and safety standards
● Steel shelves available in a variety of sizes to suit different frames, allowing for complete modular flexibility
● All shelves in our storage units are reinforced with stiffeners to minimise deflection and provide the best possible load bearing capacity
● Economical tubular “step beams” in depths of 60 mm and 80 mm suitable for recessed particle board or steel mesh decks
● Protective face on each beam to protect the front edge and improve the overall appearance of these storage solution systems
● 3-tang connectors for sturdy and secure connections, which means longitudinal frame stability
● Despite their length, each shelf retains great load retaining capabilities – up to 300kg per shelf even at a span of 2.4 metres
● Frames available in a variety of depths from 450 mm up to 1200 mm.

Contact Storage Ideas for Long Span Shelving

To maximise the efficiency of your storage, consider installing long span shelving, We also provide a complete maintenance service and visual rack safety audits to ensure your workplace stays as safe as possible.

For any enquiries regarding any of our products, don’t hesitate to call us on 02 9731 7999 or contact us online.