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Double-deep racking, also known as two deep pallet racking, is the best compromise between a selective and non-selective pallet racking system. A double-deep racking system is a double-sided configuration that allows storage density and picking to both be a priority. When you’re choosing a racking system, it can be difficult to know which racking will suit your individual needs. All warehouses will require a racking system that is suitable for the storage density required, ease of picking and their budget.

If you’re looking to install double-deep racking, here’s what you should know:

Why Choose Double-Deep Racking?

Double-deep racking is a great option for those looking to enhance their floor space storage, without necessarily needing regular reach to their stock. Double deep racking allows you to store two pallets deep in a single-entry rack, or four pallets in a double entry rack. You may choose double-deep pallet racking if you need less aisles in your warehouse, but more storage density.  Double-deep racking can also be a relatively cheaper option of racking, so your budget may be another reason you choose this type of racking for your business.

What Needs to be Considered for Double-Deep Racking?

Before you decide to use double-deep racking, it’s important to note that all racking need special requirements, and so too does double-deep racking. While double-deep racking can be an effective solution, you also need to consider the following special requirements:

• Double deep racking requires a special reach fork lift truck, as it will need a sliding fork attachment to reach deep into the racking, or a dual pantograph
• Truck lift heights will be limited by load
• Upper levels may need to be fitted with front to back guide rails so that the operator can accurately place the pallet in position at a height.

What are the Advantages of Double-Deep Racking?

In summary, double deep racking has the following advantages:

• Good access to half your stock
• Enabling of stock rotation
• Increase in your floor space storage capacity
• Budget friendly racking system, meaning you can put more money back into your business.

Get Your Double-Deep Racking from Storage Ideas

As Sydney’s leading materials handling and equipment consultancy company, Storage Ideas know everything you need to know about double-deep racking. Our high-quality products are matched with unbeatable service. We’re able to meet tight installation deadlines if needed, so you can get your double-deep racking up and running as quickly as possible. Contact us today and call 02 9731 7999 to find out more.


Friday, 16 August 2019 00:36

Repairs for Your Storage Systems

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Even the highest quality storage systems will need repairs from time to time. If you have been regularly maintaining and inspecting your storage systems, hopefully the repairs your system needs will be minor. However, occasionally you may need to make more extensive repairs.

Moving your warehouse can be a daunting task, but if there’s growth in your business, you may need to relocate in order to get the storage solutions you need. Before you relocate your warehouse, here’s what you will need to consider:

Pallet racking is extremely useful in any warehouse. However, poor installation can cause your racking to wear out easily, causing it to become faulty and possible dangerous. Understanding how your pallet racking works and how to ensure it complies with Australian safety standards is an essential part of managing and maintaining your racking, and your business as a whole.

Here's what you need to know about current Australian safety standards when it comes to racking:

Choosing your storage options, whether for a large warehouse, smaller industrial space or an office, can be difficult. There are a vast range of options, each with their pros and cons, so it's important to find a storage design that suits your specific needs. At Storage Ideas, we offer design, supply, installation and maintenance of your storage as a complete package, so you can get your storage perfect and keep it that way.

If you aren't sure where to start, here are a few of our favourite products for your warehouse or office:

Friday, 10 May 2019 06:22

Best Practices for Maintenance of Storage

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Whether it's racks, shelving or both – like everything else, storage needs to be maintained, and well looked after to function at its best. Poor maintenance of your storage is putting your goods and employees at risk. It also decreases the life of your storage, costing you more money and time. Don't let your storage become a safety hazard, or end up needing to be replaced sooner, rather than later.

Here's what we suggest when it comes to storage maintenance.


Clutter in an office and overstocking in a warehouse can quickly lead to storage space being ineffectively utilised. Not only does this unorganised space lead to stress, but it also means time is being wasted on sorting and finding important items. Good industrial and commercial storage solution systems are essential in the workplace, but they also need to be used effectively. Regularly creating extra space is an essential part of making the most of your storage system.

Here’s how to create extra space in your warehouse or office:

Sunday, 07 April 2019 21:23

Mistakes to Avoid with Storage

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When it comes to storing large amounts of goods, it can get complicated and difficult to manage if effective processes aren't in place. When this happens, it can be costly, stressful and even dangerous. If you're about to invest in storage, or are looking to improve your storage systems, make sure you avoid making the following mistakes:

Monday, 19 February 2018 21:49

Warehouse Workers, Get a Health Check

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Working in a warehouse can be strenuous on your health, which is why it is important for warehouse workers to get health checks every 6 to 12 months. In this article, we approach health checks from several perspectives.

Monday, 05 February 2018 21:41

Warehouse Relocation: Do it the Right Way

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Warehouse relocations can be a stressful and anxiety-inducing process. The sheer logistics of the move are enough to send anyone into a cold-sweat. Here at Storage Ideas, we can help you do it quickly and efficiently. In this article, we’ll take a look at some tips to ensure your relocation goes smoothly.

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