Live Storage Racks enable the task of selecting from bulk, the items that your customer wants, in the quantity they want, when they want them. This may involve selecting cartons from full pallets loads, or selecting items from cartons stored on shelves or in live systems.

Carton Live Storage

Condensing the pick face and rotating your stock

Carton Live Storage (CLS) systems offer many benefits over static shelving including automatic stock rotation and improved picking productivity.

By condensing the pick face and reducing the distance order pickers need to walk when assembling orders, Carton Live Storage helps you save space and time.

Cartons are stored on inclined tracks with rollers. When a carton is removed, the one immediately behind it gently rolls into position at the front, ensuring automatic stock rotation and the constant availability of stock for picking.

Colby Carton Live Storage is most frequently used to store fast-moving products that are picked as split cases. It is commonly combined with Colby Conveyors to further speed picking and packing operations.

Colby Carton Live Storage can be adapted to a wide range of storage requirements using light-duty ColbyRACK frames with pallets stored above, or it can be part of a rack-supported Colby Raised Flooring system.



  • Storage for unlimited range of carton sizes
  • Lane widths are easily adjusted
  • Automatic stock rotation with each lane
  • Simplified stock selection
  • Improved picking productivity


cls1 cls2 cls drum storage cls standard


Pallet Live Storage

Colby Palletflo can accommodate most types and weights of pallets. Colby Palletflo with unique hysteresis properties successfully handles a broad range of pallet styles, bottom surface conditions, load weights and load lengths.

pallet live   pallet live schema

The patented Palletflo wheel adsorbs kinetic energy from the moving pallet, allowing the pallet to travel by gravity for any distance at a uniform, safe speed and come to a gentle, safe stop regardless of the load weight.


  • High density storage
  • Excellent stock rotation
  • First In First Out principal (FIFO)
  • Fast Operation
  • Less lighting required
  • Reduced fork truck useage
  • Good for product where expiry dates are crucial

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