narrow aisle racking
Narrow Aisle Rack4

Although the capital cost of the storage and materials handling equipment typically increases with Narrow Aisle Racking systems, this is generally offset by savings in land and building costs. A very flat floor is necessary for the safe operation of turret trucks and automatic stacker cranes.


  • High-density storage up to 13 metres
  • Good accessibility – 100% selectivity
  • Excellent utilisation of floor space with aisles occupying little more than the pallet width
  • Very fast throughput capabilities
Average of locations used - efficiency:   90%
Immediate access to stored product: 100%
Stock Rotation: Good
Floor Utilisation: 50%

Storage Ideas Narrow Aisle Racking and Design Services

Narrow aisle racking offers truly excellent operational cost efficiencies, making it the best practice storage management option in a wide range of industrial, warehousing, and commercial environments. If you’re considering narrow aisle racking, Storage Ideas has all the solutions for you.

We can assist with system design, configuration, access solutions, onsite space management, and a wide range of onsite system applications. Our system design experts can help with storage volume management, heavy duty system storage, and more. We can also assist with safety systems for your narrow aisle storage, order picking equipment, and ancillary needs as required.

Many storage environments require a fully customised storage system to deal with multiple handling and storage issues. If you need a large system or a multi-faceted system for a variety of storage requirements, our designers can help with technical guidance, custom design solutions and appropriate onsite solutions to help you manage workflow and workload needs.

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