Colby Industrial Shelving Products

Organising your stock is the top priority for every business. Colby's range of industrial shelving products will help you get your valuable goods off the floor and in good order.
With Colby industrial shelving products, you get strong, purpose-designed shelving combined with intelligent picking solutions that can give your customer service levels a real boost.

The Colby range includes:

Static RET Shelving – Rolled Edge Type (RET) powder-coated steel shelving is easy to install and perfect for light duty applications. Available in a range of sizes, it can be adjusted for the right fit and customised with shelf dividers, drawers, boxes and kick plates.
Long Span Shelving – a completely customisable storage system for light or heavy duty applications, long span shelving is more economical than rack systems while being able to carry heavier loads than light shelving.
Heavy Duty Shelving – for storing non-palletised goods and available in a range of shelf types, heavy duty shelving is the ideal solution for low and high-rise storage and order picking applications.

Shelving, Mobile Shelving & Cabinets

We also have a large range of office and industrial steel storage equipment, including:
Boltless Modular Steel Storage System – for light to medium duty parts and components storage, boltless modular steel storage systems feature fast, easy boltless assembly, is fully adjustable, can be multi-tiered, and has a range of accessories for complete customisation.
Mobile Shelving – suitable for storing files, books, etc., mobile shelving can also be used for industrial purposes and can be moved to give access to only the aisle you require. Available in manually-operated self-based units, manually-operated fixed track units, and mechanically-operated fixed track units.
Cool Room and Dry Goods Shelving – with wire shelves for cool rooms and particle board or steel shelves for dry store applications, coolroom shelving and dry good shelving is available in standard and non-standard sizes and adjustable to suit your requirements.
Steel Storage Cabinets, Lockers and Accessories – in various sizes, these come with a range of accessories for complete customisation.

Commercial Shelving in Sydney

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